I had the opportunity to visit Zakinthos in July, with some good friends, for vacation. A good friend of mine invited us to his hotel “Villa San Andreas Siatis”. Great hospitality, cheerful people and kind.


The hotel is located 1.5km far from Laganas, so we were going to the clubs every single night. It was crazy and really fun.


One day we decided to take the “Pirate Ship” as they call it, for an 8 hour trip around the island. The island is breathtaking, the sea is crystal blue and clean, and we swam next to the caretta-caretta turtles. Furthermore, we saw the “Shipwreck” or “Navagio”. I was speechless.


We stayed in Zakinthos for 5 days. We wanted to stay more, but unfortunately holidays were over.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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