I think that I was very lucky this year. I travelled to three islands (including Mykonos) and to four countries.

While I was abroad, specifically in France, I got a call from a friend, the owner of “Hotel Kastelakia” in Mykonos. While we were talking on the phone, he told me if I wanted to go there for a week, to help him promote his hotel and in the same time for holiday. In the beginning I was shocked and thought that he mocks me. I searched for a flight and two weeks later I found myself in Mykonos.  


I don’t know how to begin… Such a picturesque island. The magnificent view from the Windmills took my breath away. 


One day, I got up early in the morning to go for a walk in the town and get my coffee. I arrived to the town after fifteen minutes and started walking in the backstreets.




What is wonderful about Mykonos, is that people are so energetic and exuberant that makes you feel good too. 

You know what else is exquisite about this island? The beaches, the sand, the sea.



Last but not least, Little Venice… no words. When you see it, it’s like seeing a photograph, it’s just amazing.

Little Venice

My video:




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